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Squeakypony 81

Doing work stuff... just noticed today's date... 01-02-03.

Squeakypony 82



When I was your age, we made our own line noise by yelling into the phone! And we dialed in with 300 baud acoustic couplers we bought for $350 from mail-order companies in Texas! And we was proud to have 'em, dagnabbit!

Squeakypony 83

By proclamation of everyone's favorite plastic vixen, it is officially National Smart, Shy Person Week1. Be excellent to each other. -:)

Squeakypony 84

That Was A Kitty

(Monday evening, Xydexx is driving west on Interstate 78. [info]rigelkitty, who had been sleeping in the passenger seat, awakens.)

Xydexx: Aww! Sleepin' kitten!

Rigel: (belches)

Xydexx: Burpin' sleepin' kitten!

Squeakypony 85

Inflatable porcupines2. Mrr.

Squeakypony 86

It's Nekkid Time!

Judge Barzilay, through a spokesman, said that she would let her 32-page decision speak for itself. But she described in her ruling how she subjected many of the figures to "comprehensive examinations." At times, that included "the need to remove the clothes of the figure."

Fans Howl in Protest as Judge Decides X-Men Aren't Human

In other news, clowns are living in Tremaine's underpants3.

Squeakypony 87

Oooh! It's the pony reset button!

Goddess, nothing restores perspective better than wallowing in perversity. (Mrr. Inflatable porcupines.)

Also, I have the coolest friends in the universe. So there. -:)

Squeakypony 88


Squeakypony 89

You have two cows. You dress them up in form-fitting rubber costumes and take naughty pictures of them, but don't show them to anyone. Then you buy a bull, and hook it up to a tank of helium. It's an inflate-a-bull. You videotape the giant inflatable bull and sell the video for $35 on a non-existant fetish website. That Guy Who Used To Be A Big Name screams that you're destroying furry fandom, but is really just jealous because you have a giant inflatable bull and he doesn't. When he gets called on the carpet for it, he says that's a lot of bull. Your cows moo at him and squirt milk from their udders until he goes away. You hook the cows up to tanks of helium because they're udderly hilarious. You videotape the inflatable cows and sell the video for $50 while impersonating a fictitious reporter from a German TV show. Chuck Melville screams that you're boycotting Mu Press5, but is really just afraid of cows. Your cows get too big and explode all over him. It's like the Fourth of July, but messier. You laugh and plan to build life-size inflatable cows to replace the two that exploded. You buy mass quantities of sheet rubber, and four years later the inflatable cows are 95% finished. It takes you another 10 years to do the last 5% of work, because procrastination is an art form. You get funding from National Endowment for the Arts, or at least you should.

Squeakypony 90

Catapulting Donkeys With Pine Trees Is Offensive!

1 Assumed to start the first Sonday of January, based on comments here. Having been on AFF for years, I can safely say I've gotten more attention for the bad things folks think I've done than for the good things I've actually done.
2 Pokee says they're not a viable species, they can't mate! It's fun to watch them try, though. -:D More fun than a porcupine in a balloon factory!
3 Stranger things have happened. I'll probably get blamed for them.
4 There is nothing unusual about the fact that Xydexx has been known to hide secret messages in the page source, and even though the webcam is no longer running, you can still visit the Trojan Room Coffee Machine.
5 TINBOMP. Also, I'm pretty much like this all the time... just some times more so than others.

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