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Squeakypony 51

The trip to the turkey farm took a surprising turn when my tour guide led me through one of the large pens. The turkeys flocked around, menacingly surrounding us. Their huge beaks were wide open like basking sharks, except they had rows of razor sharp teeth.

"They aren't afraid of anything," my tour guide cautioned me, as I tried to shoo them away. They charged toward me en masse, howling like wolves.

Then I woke up.

(Dr.-Cat-Style-Disclaimer: The only way I can explain this is I ate one of the pickles we bought back in April last night and the road turkeys saw their opportunity for revenge. There are still three pickles left. Remember, kids, you don't need to take drugs if you want interesting stuff to happen. I think I'll eat some more pickles tonight before bedtime.)

Squeakypony 52

Yummy Sunny Day

Not much to report today. Except this tractor balloon-driven airship. Whee!

Work was a lot of "hurry up and wait," which is typical. I had a calzone for lunch; it was yummy and good and all mine. I ate it outside, sitting on one of the benches next to the Potomac. There's a bike path that runs sort of along the shore, which hooks up with the W&OD. If I was really insane I could bike to work from Leesburg1. Whee!

Now it's time for dinner. Rigel is making Extra Snouty Smoked Sausage Surprise. Mmmm good!

Squeakypony 53


A group of us played Catchphrase at Poker Night last night. It was a lot of fun as usual. ("Atticus Finch" didn't come up this time, but we mentioned him anyway.)

Today was just a bundle of coincidences. This morning when I stopped off at the pita shop to get breakfast, it amused me to hear "Locomotion" playing on the oldies station while I waited for my ham, egg & cheese on a raisin-cinnamon bagel. It was one of the words we had last night during Catchphrase.

During lunchtime, I went outside to a nearby deli to get a sandwich. Since it was a nice day, on the return trip I walked along the riverfront. There I found the Alexandria Canal, and a white marble obelisk.

Obelisk. Another word from last night's game. Hmm. Well, they always come in threes, don't they?

I tried to be extra observant this afternoon, figuring a third word would come up unexpectedly. And it did. (A tired co-worker mentioned her synapses weren't firing properly.)

Okay, so I've got my three words. What secret message was the Universe trying to send me? On a whim, I dumped them into the Internet Anagram Server to see if it had anything to say about it.



In other news, I Georged nine dollar bills today. I also learned that on I-66, "all lanes east and west inside the beltway are HOV-2. If you are not going to the airport via I-66 inside the beltway you must observe HOV restrictions during HOV hours." OOPS. Bad pn0y! Although fortunately for me, I'm not travelling that part of I-66 during HOV hours. Usually.

I also did some work on the clydesdale on Tuesday night; making ears, sealing the foot where the inflation nozzle used to be, preparing to install the inflation nozzle in the new location, and some paint work. I haven't done anything since then, though. Maybe tomorrow night.

Squeakypony 54

"Later that week, she learned there were bug fragments in chocolate. Mmmmm."3

ilr wrote:
> Large-breasted men should not come into contact with Phentermine
> or they will go straight into labor and birth dozens of chihuahas.

You say that like it's a bad thing. -:P

I'm just reading through my "Sent" box in Xnews. Teehee.

Squeakypony 55

September 11, 2002

When I left for work this morning I found cute little pn0y plushie and beanie tiger on the front doorstep with a little note. I dunno if they were from a secret admirer or just someone Doing Random Good Things today, but I thought it was nice. Thanks!

I left them on the kitchen table for Rigel to find later on. Later in the day we were discussing them on FurryMUCK:

Rigel whispers, "Rigel wonders why, every time we get plushies representing Xydexx and Rigel, the kitty is smaller than the pony and full of beans? :)" to you.

Heeheeheeheehee! Kitty full of beans!

Squeakypony 56

"It occurs to me that 'Xydexx Squeakypony' has just as many Y's as it does X's. Nobody ever notices the Y's, they just focus on the X's. Y, apparently, is of no great concern to most people. That actually sounds like a good summation of this battlefield of a hobby. Nobody ever notices the wise, they just focus on the excess. Why, apparently, is of no great concern to most people."Cerulean

Squeakypony 57

Important Tubing Info

You will get wet. Suggested attire: T-shirt, swimsuit. Please remember to bring a towel and dry change of clothes, and sneakers. (Optional: Disposable waterproof camera might be a nice thing to have.) For your comfort and safety do not bring any valuables, jewelry, tunneling equipment, demented calliopes, particle accelerators, drugs, alcohol, or Richard Nixon on the trip. Also, geeky folks like me who wear eyeglasses should have some way to secure them.

Tube prices are between $5-$20, depending on size. Purchase includes tube, life vest, shuttle to river, and parking. Tubes can apparently be sold back afterwards, except for mine which I will spray paint gold and use as a halo because y'all know I'm so sweet and innocent. -=)

Squeakypony 58

That's it! You forced me to use it!

Poll #60964: Cottage Cheese Cannon

Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 29

How accurate is a cottage cheese cannon?

  • Messy and not very accurate. 4 (13.8%)
  • Depends how good your aim is. - 6 (20.7%)
  • Only with a melon.- 6 (20.7%)
  • Deadly, precision accuracy. - 3 (10.3%)
  • Feren - 10 (34.5%)

How much range does a cottage cheese cannon have?

  • It fires backwards like a horrible taco. - 2 (6.9%)
  • Capable of hitting your neighbor's pink flamingoes. - 8 (27.6%)
  • Devours any small children in immediate area. - 8 (27.6%)
  • Able to hit Jupiter. - 1 (3.4%)
  • feren - 10 (34.5%)

Squeakypony 59

Some Clarification From The Talking Pony

Somewhere along the line there seems to have been a misunderstanding.

No matter what problems you have in life---whether you have a crappy job working at a bologna factory, or you're living in your parents' basement, or you don't have any friends, or you don't have good personal hygiene, or you can't draw well---all these things are not problems as long as you are doing something to change them.

And yes, you can do something to change these things, but only if you try to change them in the first place. Failure is not when you get knocked down, but when you refuse to get back up.

Having said that, here's everyone's homework lesson for tonight: Things To Do To Salvage A Shitty Day

Everyone just Be Cool, okay?

Squeakypony 60

The original link appears to be broken, but it was just an optical illusion.

1 And then in 2004, I did exactly that. 80-mile round trip. So I'm insane, but oh so studly.
2 KT points out it is also an anagram for MEAN OBSESSION: LICK POOL TOYS.
3 The quote references a girl in my tenth grade biology class who, while we were learning about taxonomy, blurted out: "That's not a plant, that's a tree!"

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