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Squeakypony 11

Some random quotes from Google's Usenet archive:

"There is no ultimate goal to this game, except to have fun. There are puzzles to solve, scenery to visit, and people to meet. There are no winners or losers, only fellow players. Enjoy."FurryMUCK help file on "Goals"
"If you can create your own enthusiasm, you can do anything. If you maintain that enthusiasm you can do it well."Bruce Williams Zaccagnino, creator of Northlandz, the world's largest model railroad
"Cottage cheese will break apart not unlike broccoli when launched, where as Xydexx will simply bounce off whatever he runs into, thus Xydexx is the I Ching hexagram for 'boing.'" —Xydexx
"Didja ever watch 'Robot Wars'? AFF is similar. An arena of conflict is defined, the contest begins, and everyone starts flailing away in an almost automatonlike fashion. It approaches art, in a Futurist sort of way. And, just like on TV, you get the occasional oddity that rolls onto the field and leaves the audience speechless as it self-destructs in an amazing frenzy of pointless activity." —Ostrich

Squeakypony 12

Ooh baby aah.

We watched Emperor's New Groove at Poker Night last night. I like this scene.

That's so blatant and I am so easy to please.

Squeakypony 13

Meanwhile, on FurryMUCK:

You hug WWWWolf! You have hugged a wolf today. Cool, huh?

Yay! Hugging wolves is cool.

Squeakypony 14


I've got a huge smile on my face, for no good reason at all1.

I'm like that sometimes.

Squeakypony 15

Now we REALLY feel domestic.

Rigel and I went out to K-Mart last night to buy some of those adhesive felt things you put on the bottom of chairs to keep them from scratching up the floor, and some placemats for our dining room table. We were looking at the various placemats when Rigel noticed one that had little smiling cats and little balls of yarn and MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW written on it. It was so disgustingly cute and silly that we had to buy them.

And they had matching potholders/over mitt/towels, too! But we already bought some black ones a few weeks back. Damn.

But still. MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOW. Hahahahahahaha.

Squeakypony 16

Lunchtime, singing songs about expired yogurt2...

I love to eat
expired yogurt
oh yeah yeah yeah
expired yogurt
it expired last week
but I'll eat it anyway
for no good reason at all

Mmmmmm it's yummy
hope it don't kill me
bop bop she bop
expired yogurt
it's good for you
except when it isn't
then it's dangerous

I love to fling
expired yogurt
throw it up against the wall
reading the ingredients
strawberries sugar pectin and
purple carrot juice concentrate
breakfast of champions

Add Dannon to your life
preferably before May 24
bop bop she bop
expired yogurt
it's delicious
if you're not hungry
you can wear it like a hat

oh yeah yeah yeah...

expired yogurt

oh yeah yeah yeah...

now I'm eating another one...

Squeakypony 17


I'm a Cow.

Catchy, toe-tapping tune, like the Hamster Dance...

Squeakypony 18


pn0ys R us?

Squeakypony 19

pn0y pr0n - n. What Xydexx draws and nobody sees.

Squeakypony 20

I'm Laughing At The Universe

We filled a co-worker's office with little flying pigs made of paper. I made a zig (zebra/pig) and put "Move zig!" and "For great justice!" on it.

1 I once got in trouble for Unnecessary Smiling. True story.
2 This was sung vaguely to the tune of "My Wig Fell Off" by Root Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band.
3 "pn0y" rhymes with "toy." I'm a pn0y t0y! -=)

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