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Squeakypony 1



Squeakypony 2

pn0y snax!

I went to the vending machine to get some pn0y snax, and when I got change I noticed the new New York quarters are out1. Yay! They have Rudolph Guiliani's head on the back of them, with a bunch of cars and trucks driving through a big tunnel into it, with the words "GATEWAY TO FREEDOM" emblazoned across.

Well, not really, but that's what they should look like, IMHO.

Squeakypony 3

Quote of the day:

Cobalt2 growls, "where are you gonna find a fox in an elvis costume?"

Heeee! -:D

Squeakypony 4

24 more days until we move.3 I'm working on looking for a moving van, changing over phone service, collecting boxes to pack stuff in, and so forth.

I'm probably going to avoid U-Haul, since their prices aren't that great and Atara says U-Haul sucks ass anyway. Plus, they only give 32 free miles, and it's 41 miles from here to Leesburg.

Meanwhile, over on FurryMUCK...

Captain squeaks, "Pn0ymon! Digivolve to... Inflatopn0ymon!"

Xydexx neighs, "Squeakachu!"

Squeakypony 5

I like bellybuttons.

Squeakypony 6

Buried in one of the layers of clutter that is the back room, I found a copy of a Cheesasaurus Rex comic book. Cheesasaurus Rex is the big cartoon dinosaur mascot for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. If I remember correctly, this issue had to do with pirates trying to take away their macaroni and cheese, and Cheesasaurus Rex saves the day by sitting on them or something. I dunno. I bagged it up in one of the comic book bags, and now it's boxed up somewhere in the clutter.

I'll think I'll sell it on eBay eventually4. Heh heh heh.

Squeakypony 7

Eating Yogurt With A Fork.

I've gotta remember to bring a few plastic spoons to work with me.

In other news, Cheetos seems to have come out with a new shape of Cheetos called Whirlz, which are just as dangerously cheesy as the regular Cheetos. The package shows Chester Cheetah diving into or frantically struggling to escape the dangerous radial-saw-shaped cheese flavored snacks. Hmmm.

Squeakypony 8

My boyfriend is a big kitty.

So Rigel was at home yesterday, waiting for the air conditioning guy to come and inspect the air conditioning. And do you know what what he did while he waited? He piled all the pillows up in the living room where the sun was shining, lay down, and took a nap on them.5

Silly kitten.

Squeakypony 9

I really need to get a new ISP so I can start updating xydexx.com again, because there is ever-so-much I need to work on. SO many webpages that need building. SO many stories that need to be told. Oh, lookie, Google finally has their archive of Usenet up and running. I should build a quote book. I should find that quote where Brian Henderson said when he left the hotel he took everything off except his con badge. (Woohoo! Nudism!)

Three cheers for cow tipping and call me Elvis, I've got a million ideas for things I wanna do and a million other things I should be working on.

Squeakypony 10

"I may be a freak, but at least I'm a happy freak." —Xydexx

1 Originally posted in March 2001, and the music I was listening to was the musical sound of me munching on pn0y snax.
2 Cobalt can be found on FurryMUCK. I don't know why someone wanted a fox in an Elvis costume, it just seemed funny at the time.
3 This was back when Rigel and I were still living in an apartment in Silver Spring, Maryland. We had finally made the decision to buy our own place and were counting the days before we could move to Leesburg.
4 I didn't sell it on eBay. I still have it, buried somewhere in my archives. I originally picked it up at a Furry convention somewhere. I also have my Y2K Preparedness and Emergency Guide, which was considered essential to have in case anything like this happened.
5 Rigelkitty responds: "Wahhh! Jesse Helms sat on Spot! Twice! From an airplane!" and says it was only one pillow, not a huge pile of them as we all know kitties like to do.

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