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Xydexx is pleased to announce the proposed creation of the Holey Bubble. The idea for the Holey Bubble started on Xydexx's LiveJournal as approximately 400 entries in what eventually became known as the "happybouncysilly" folder. The original entries date from about 2001 through 2005.

The Holey Bubble will be a gallimaufry of optimism, sage advice, pronkification, and the mysterious quality Xydexx describes as squeakiness. These original entries will be edited and updated accordingly to include footnotes, diagrams, and anything else that will make them pronkier. An attempt at some semblance of organization will be made, but there is no guarantee.

It Is A Nice Day!

Recent Updates

January 6, 2010: I've added chapters 61-80 to the Holey Bubble, and for organizational purposes moved it to its own directory.

January 10, 2010: I've added MOAR.

February 12, 2010: I love bees... in my mouth. I'm slowly adding more, but wondering if I should organize these entries better, like according to topic or something. I've also added links to some of the interesting blogs I'm stumbled across recently.

The Holey Bubble

Chapter 1-10
Chapter 11-20
Chapter 21-30
Chapter 31-40
Chapter 41-50
Chapter 51-60
Chapter 61-70
Chapter 71-80
Chapter 81-90
Chapter 91-100

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