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West Virginia Will Stick It In Ya

Wilford Brimley will stick it in me. I gotta get a noodlectomy so I can get the noodle outta me.

I'm looking through my archives and noting that somewhere on the internet, Xydexx is laughing his silly pony ass off. Xydexx is full of natural pony cuteness. See The Pony. Be The Pony. Don't just pretend you are a prancing horse—GET-UP and become one!

Robotic Pony Manufacturing Begins

Xydexx has developed a prototype robotic pony and will be planning on building a whole herd of them! The Journal of Cute and Weird contains information about building robotic party ponies for horse-powered victory.

Located beneath Breakneck Mountain in New York's Hudson Highland region, Xydexx's research facility continues to produce the charm which spreads. With boundless enthusiasm for the cute and weird, Xydexx hopes the giant 12-foot tall party ponies will make the world fun again. He would not comment on rumors of a raygun that turns people into ponies.

Xydexx's underground research facility is built near the abandoned Blunt's Quarry, which operated in the early 1900s.