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Disorganized Yak Fringe

Like vorpal chaos, these pages continue to be disorganized like yak fringe. Such is the way of Xydexx, who can babble at the rate of 3000 words per hour just to amuse and confuse you. Do not be alarmed. this is normal—or at least as normal as it gets.

What's All This Wart Business?

I dunno, it just happened to be there at the time. I was writing notes about Major Andre's Last Trip Through Westchester and found a man named Vanwort. WART!

But I digress. Plenty of things to write about, just need to decide what pages to fill with what. Stuff goes in but doesn't come out again. That's the plan. That's the pony that everybody wants. Leaving a trail of slime wherever it—

Quote Of The Day

"it dawns upon me with increasing clarity that in a culture meant to keep one perpetually dissatisfied, simply being happy is a revolutionary act." —Molliehomologue

Hold On To The Good Stuff

The internet needs more octopedes. And swishy and vaguely homoerotic pirates made of rubber, yes please.