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American Furry

Xeni Jardin of BoingBoing pointed out an upcoming documentary on furries (yay, furries!) entitled "AMERICAN FURRY: Life, Liberty and the Fursuit of Happiness". Included is some of the raw footage from Brooklyn-based filmmaker Marianne Shaneen, who has apparently spent the past two years following us around. Hopefully it doesn't turn into another hatchet job, because anti-furry humor has pretty much become old hat at this point. I'm sure there will always be people who hold anyone who strays from the beaten path up as a target for derision, and that's too bad, because they don't realize how much cool stuff they're missing out on in this big weird wonderful world of ours. Or, as Xeni says: "Yay for eccentric humans doing their own thing no matter what fun-crushers may say." -:)

Dorky Day Is Coming

The internet plus weirdness equals a hammock of cake. This is the new math which should be taught in schools, to prepare children for the surreal world. For example, it is a known fact you cannot read coherently in dreams. I tried to once, but all I ever got out of it were town names like Mooeybeesesquipedaliandeedeemeeweeyurtseebonk. It's amusing because everyone is crazy if you don't understand their motives, and what we see depends on what we look for.

Dorky Day has changed my life. Dorky dorky dorky dorky dorky...